Moonwaker for Sebastian Mullaert
Lichen is an alien beauty of resilience and fragility which grows incredibly slow from the perspective of a human. The world where the Moonwaker lives is where the stillness is a pulsating, breathing flesh, slithering through & suspended in an endless blackness. (2020)

LYS for Christian Löeffler
Animations and visuals for music video directed by Lauren Pringle. (2020)

LOG for Khoiba
It sinks to the bottom, next to the piece of skin with a kerosene sheen, next to the current-combed strand of hair. A tart taste comes into the tongue everytime the pulse comes back: “I once read about water cremation, and it was beautiful.” (2019)

Surgery for Boska
The wetness of your touch, the inside of your mouth. (2015 prototype)